526 Miles

by Sonja Kramer Haag


I first got this idea to pack up and travel cross-country, by myself, for a month, about one year ago. Road Trip’s have always been greatly appealing to me. It’s that Fear and Loathing thrill with its Kerouac appeal of being able to drop everything, get in your car with no real plan but to go, and go fast, or go slow, but to feel secure because you have a 2000 lb steel machine that protects you from the elements, provides a bed and gets you the hell out of there is something doesn’t feel right. It’s the quintessential American move; When all else fails head for the road and let the wind carry your thoughts and the wide open country fill the gaps of the uncertain life you have just left behind (Well, that’s the Steven Spielberg adaptation at least). My version is a little less dramatic. I am following in a great many foots steps of 20 something college graduates that can’t yet deal with the reality of “settling down” and starting a career. But even that isn’t the finger that has been prodding me forward, nagging me to “just do it already.”  To tell you the truth, I have lost sight of why I really need to be doing this for myself. For that reason, it was extremely hard for me to finally grab my keys, turn the ignition and follow through with what I had been talking about doing for almost a year.

This trip begun unlike any other trip I have taken for myself. I was shy, I was nervous, I was unsure I was doing to right thing. What I was most looking forward to before I left was coming back home. And it still is. Though now, with 500 miles traveled, new and old friends visited, places seen and to be seen, including but not limited to the mundane, the boring, the comical, the lonely, the exciting, the not as exciting as I had hoped, the breathtaking, the surprising all with a side of troubleshooting and problem solving, it is this collection of things that I will be bringing home with me, to share, it is that, which is the body and heart of what this journey truly is.

SO, with that said I want you, my audience to understand that this blog is a place for me to not only chronicle my thoughts but for a discussion. I would love to hear what you are thinking while you are reading, the similar situations you have been in, the advice you may have or suggestion about anything. Take this journey with me, please, because I don’t know if myself can handle myself for countless hours on the road alone without the encouragement from you.

Lets Do This,