I left my heart at Robert’s

by Sonja Kramer Haag

I left my heart in Nashville, but more importantly, Robert’s.

I came to Nashville for the first time two years ago to visit my friend Rebecca. I had been hearing over and over that, “Sonja, you are going to love it,” “you are going to want to move there”. I did love Nashville, but I had yet to really understand what is means to make a city your home, which meant I had yet to understand how Nashville was different from any other city. I had only lived in Milwaukee, not even, 3 weeks before I left on my first trip to Nashville, all I had known before then was the home I grew up in and home’s that were only temporary. Nashville could have been a great place for me to live, but so could Milwaukee, so could have any other city I had yet to really come to know.

It’s two years past and once again i find myself in Nashville, It is my friend Rebecca whom I owe credit to for getting me here each time. Milwaukee, now, is my home; its my people, its my land. Nashville is similar, its got the same vibes, close to the same population and size, the same love for coffee, yet it has something completely different. It’s got Robert’s.

For those of you who don’t know, have never been, Robert’s resides in the heart of Nashville’s down town on Broadway. A modest strip of property sandwiched between the big wigs of modern country music venues. The minute you step into this bar you are transported back to the 1940’s, when country music was country music. Acoustic and electric guitar and upright bass, the dulcimer and simple drum kit with lead female vocals carries tunes of a simpler time reverberating down the bar, dancing around a display of cowboy boots and PBR’s on special for $2. This swollen feeling is almost always carried forward through the spirit of an older man who is there to reminisce and be taken away by memories of his youth and to dance among the many young and willing ladies.

*sigh* Once again Robert, you have stolen a part of my heart and are refusing to give it back until the next time I visit.

It was with a different expectation that I came to really see Nashville this time around. It was the first leg of my trip, my first uneasy step which is to become a many great and confident strides towards completing my adventure. I could not have ask for a better city, for a better community or for better friends to, without request, help me to realize that this trip is the beginning of something special.

So a BIG GIGANTIC shout out to Rebecca and Kate and Brian and Aileen and Kailey and the old man at Robert’s who asked me for a dance and the barista behind the counter at Fido and the guy wearing the Brewer’s hat at Concert in the Green. Small part or big you all played.

With hopes to always be a player,

Sonja Kramer Haag