Vail to California

by Sonja Kramer Haag

Seal on Deck

If you’ve never seen the show Arrested Development, you must. From the frozen banana stand, The Pageant of the Masters to the housing developments, Orange County has it all. Around every corner one of their jokes is staring me in the face and the realization makes me giggle.

The weather here is absolutely pleasant, the people also, the cars all black, grey or white. There is no surprise around any corner, another boutique, another restaurant, another art gallery. The cliffs and canyons and great blue sprawling ocean adorn with sparkling white waves puts my mind at ease, and the delicious chowder my stomach. But, woe is me, I find myself restless and a little bored. Vail struck me in quite the same way only substitute the ocean with mountains and the residents with tourist. I mean no offense, It is just that my rusty-red car and I feel a little out of place and out of mind in these towns where is seems everyone is trying to blend in.

I can understand why people love this place so much. It’s clean and safe, you have the ocean on one side and mountains on the other, you get comfort and accountability, convenience and accessibility all in a minutes drive. Give me days, even weeks on Laguna Beach, in the sun and call it a vacation, just not a life (for me). My heart my soul my sanity changes with the seasons, is held steady between the canyons of the Rockie Mountains, is balanced atop the sandstone arches and runs blood-red and deep from within the cracks of the red rocks and down into the rapids of the Colorado River.

See also bluegrass

See also gravel road

See also steep grades

See also sharp curves

See also slow thought

See also silence that stretches to the plains

The road is calling me back.

My time spent here was anything but in vain. I have felt more at home here in California with John and Judi than I have yet this trip. They are family and they make sure I feel that. I could not be more thankful.

Tomorrow I will truly submerge myself in the true and classic surf culture that came out of Orange County by squeezing into a wet suit and learning how to surf. Then on to San Fransisco where I can already taste the fog and will be enjoying a meal prepared by my friend Sam and his newly appointed position as Sous Chef at The Corner Store, then its back to solid rock and a veil of star’s as I pitch camp with my friend Cory at Smith Rock for a couple of days until I have to draw more near to Vancouver and the last days of my journey, first stopping in Seattle to pick up Kat and to rendezvous with Nathan and continue on for us to all meet up again in CANADA.

Hang Tight,