3214 miles to The Corner Store

by Sonja Kramer Haag

Listen up people, if you are in the San Fransisco area and want to be taken care of, head to The Corner Store, a new restaurant that has just open on the corner of Masonic and Geary Blvd. I can tell it is not just because I know Sam the sous chef, this place is ready to wine, dine and wow you with amazon flavors and heart warming small plates.

I wasn’t to hungry to start so I order the small plate of Matt’s Dads Pasta with garganelli, confit sweet 100 tomatoes and a Parmesan cream. But what came out first was the figs and apple salad to start with fennel, goat cheese, wild arugula and walnuts, compliments of the chef.

Second course, still yet compliments, the smokes salmon with potato pancake, egg salad and herb. It was absolutely perfect.

The pasta came out last and wholly hell, that was comfort at its finest!

I should have know to just let Sam take the reins right away, but he knew to step in and I’m sure glad he did.

Anthony, the bar tender created his special upon my request to be surprised and with vodka, a home infused simple syrup and a dried apricot you can not go wrong.

Big thanks to everyone at The Corner Store for creating such an enjoyable evening under the foggy streets of San Fran!