Red Stripe

by Sonja Kramer Haag

Not the beer, though good…

I captured these guys on a trip to South Africa that I took with my mom a year ago in April. I have always love zebras and their stripes. Are they black with white stripes or white with black stripes? What if they were white with red stripes. This idea was struck by my boyfriends mother who just purchased some new, awesome, red leather couches for her home. Tammy asked me if it would be possible to changed the stripes on my zebra’s to match her red living room.

I told her it could be done though I had not yet the knowledge of how. You can do anything with photo shop, right? As far as I know, its true, except, for using it making me a sandwich when I am hungry.

After some research into how to create such an image and some of my own tinkering with what I already know about photo shop I was able to change a zebra’s stripes.

Feel free to inquire about the process or send any critique on how to create an even more realistic zebra with red stripes. But more importantly I hope you enjoy what you see.

Follow this link to purchase prints for your own home.

Thanks for reading,

Sonja K Haag