With Just One Glance

"For a clever eye, one glance is [just] enough"

Mark Rothko (the artist I chose to use for my blog banner) has always been one of my favorite artists. It has been said that his paintings move people to tears. I can testify. I have only had the chance to stand in front of a few of his works at the Milwaukee Art Museum […]


I left in a whirl-wind. It was fight or flight and I was done fighting with my lonesome demons. The drive home was terrible. Not mentally, but physically. I tried to complete the drive as quickly as possible driving 20 hours in two days at one point only allowing myself 4 hours of sleep in […]


This morning I woke up to an empty apartment a heavy heart and a clear head. I had planned to spend the day seeing the city on my own but the thought of experiencing something new, something excitable, something that was meant to be shared without some one to share it with, that thought lay […]


With each town I pass through, each home I visit, each open door I walk through I have become a presence in peoples every day lives. I am seeing not just new country that I have never seen before but I am learning how other people live in it, and with it. From Nashville to […]


These trees These reaching woods With roots that slither and crawl and wrap themselves deep . These wise elders With a pulse as loud as the waves They whisper dreams And beauty And life Down into the core of our earth And grasp strong . With fingertips that reach to the heavens To tickle the […]


The trip is going well. It has been great to see so many places and so many people in such a sort time. Though, I am getting exhausted. I decided to drive only 4 hours today, out of San Fransisco to Humboldt Redwood State Park and camp for the night. I need to collect myself, […]